ramzan poetry in urdu | love ramzan shayari in urdu 2024

ramzan poetry in urdu

in this post Ramzan poetry in Urdu. Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims are engaged in spirituality and worship around the world. In this sacred month, Urdu is a special place of poetry that describes the characteristics and colors of this great occasion very beautifully. Ramadan’s poetry is a special imitation and artistic … Read more

jawani poetry in urdu | jawani shayari in hindi

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In this collection, the youth poetry of new and famous Urdu poets from different countries has been presented.  You can enjoy jawani poetry in Urdu by young and talented poets who express their feelings and thoughts about youth.  You can also discover a wide collection of ghazals, poetry, and shayari on youth by famous poets, … Read more

What is Valentine’s Day? why is valentine’s day haram in Islam?

valentine's day haram in Islam

valentine’s day halal or haram in Islam, Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love, often raises questions within the Islamic community. In this comprehensive guide, we explore whether Valentine’s Day is considered halal (permissible) or haram (forbidden) in Islam. Let’s navigate through diverse viewpoints, cultural nuances, and religious considerations.  ویلنٹائن ڈے کیا ہے؟  ہم اس دن … Read more

Story in Urdu, stories for urdu, چھپا ہوا خزانہ ,stories in urdu,

Story in Urdu, stories for urdu

Have you ever dreamed of stumbling upon a hidden treasure buried beneath the earth’s surface? The allure of discovering ancient artifacts or long-lost riches has captivated the human imagination for centuries. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of buried treasures, the stories for urdu they hold, and the excitement of those … Read more

Top100+Munafiq poetry in Urdu – munafiq log poetry 2024

Munafiq poetry in Urdu

Just as dishonesty undermines trust, so does Munafiq. Hypocrisy is the act of appearing very kind to someone on the outside but harboring resentment and malice on the inside. It has been stated that opponents are better than hypocrites. and it has been said that enemies are better than hypocrites, knowing that they are our … Read more

Imran Khan poetry in Urdu- Imran Khan Quotes in Urdu-With images & Text SMS

Imran Khan poetry in Urdu , Apny-andr-k-khof-ko-khtm-krdo-to-tm-dnya-k-kamyab-ansan-bn-gao-gay

This article highlights the essence of Imran Khan’s poetry in Urdu/exploring the principles that shaped his vision for a better Pakistan and beyond. Imran Khan is a Pakistani politician, former cricketer, and philanthropist who became the Prime  Minister of Pakistan in August 2018. He played a key role in leading Pakistan to victory in the … Read more

dukhi poetry in urdu | bahut dukhi shayari in urdu

dukhi poetry in urdu

In this collection of dukhi poetry in urdu, you will find poetry that resonates with those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or feeling sadness in love. It also caters to those who are eagerly waiting for a glimpse of their beloved, haunted by the depth of their love. Whether expressing grief … Read more

Top 50 udas poetry in urdu | udas poetry 2 Lines with Images 2024

udas poetry in urdu

Udas poetry in Urdu is the best way to express your words and feelings. Check out the amazing collection of how to express your feelings in words. This section is based on a huge database of all the latest sad poems that can be dedicated to your family, friends and loved ones. Express the inner … Read more

Best Udas Poetry in Urdu text | Udasi Shayari 2 lines SMS 2024

udas poetry in urdu

In this post, Udas Poetry is one of the popular forms of Urdu poetry loved by most readers. Read our best collection of depressing, sorrowful, and dard shayari by different poets. We are adding new poetry on our site regularly. We hope you find solace in this beautiful, sad poem of ours. Feel free to … Read more